mc2 is a branch of Midnight Commander that supports scripting via the Lua programming language.

The aim of mc2 is to instigate a public discussion about the merits of scripting MC, in the hope that someday the idea will be accepted, in one form or another, into the official MC distribution.

Specifically, mc2 aims to prove:

  • that to accomplish such feat there is no need to modify MC’s main code.

  • that it consists of adding relatively little, uncomplicated code to MC.

  • that it introduces very small maintenance liability.

  • that it can help us fight code bloat.

  • that it can make MC’s main code leaner and better.

In other words, mc2 is intended to dispel some misconceptions one may have about “scripting” support, and is designed in a way that, hopefully, won’t antagonize MC’s maintainers.

As for why MC needs scripting, this is summarised in a separate document.

What now? —You can:

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